Amidst a battle between love and self-preservation, the lovers perched on their rooftops. The clouds had cleared after a long week of thunderstorms and unrelenting rain. Torn asunder by distance but comforted by the feeling of familiarity, they pined for each other. To hold each other’s hands, to love like heathens. Despite the yearning, they… Continue reading Rise


Roohi was dancing with joy that day. She was ecstatic. Sattvik Bhaiya was coming home after one long year.Sattvik had come home on the last Raksha Bandhan and Roohi hadn’t seen his face since then. They spoke occasionally on phone calls but the connection at Sattvik’s place was usually erratic.Roohi had selected a special white… Continue reading Roohi

The Alphabet in Chaos

It’s the middle of the night. I am unable to sleep. My mind is racing with silly ideas. What do I do? Try to sleep? Pfft. No, I write a silly, childish poem about the alphabet. “I’m a single letter with three syllables in my name to call!Why couldn’t they have named me something easy,Like… Continue reading The Alphabet in Chaos


मुझे बचपन से खाना बनाने में बहुत दिलचस्पी रही है। अम्मी ने मुझे कई व्यंजन पकाने सिखाये। अब्बू जब भी ऑफिस से आते थे, मैं ही चाय बनाके लाता था। साथ में कभी पकोड़े, कभी मठरी, अलग-अलग चीज़ें बनाता था। अब्बू को मेरे हाथ के बने समोसे बहुत पसंद थे। हर साल, रमज़ान के महीने… Continue reading इफ्तार

The Sky’s Only Daughter

I wrote this poem for a competition. The participants were given some prompts (moon, Aurora, dice, muse, teal, painting, ephemeral, tryst, and zeppelin) and an hour to frame a piece so I wrote a short poem using them. I could not win it but I just wanted to share the poem here 🙂 When poets… Continue reading The Sky’s Only Daughter

Eyes Shut

I woke up with a start, courtesy the searing pain in my head, as if my brain is going to come out. The noise of the tiles being cut and my father talking loudly on the phone had woken me up in less than 4 hours of sleep. My house had been under renovation for… Continue reading Eyes Shut

Off tune

It’s been such a long time, Someone dedicated a song to me, Singing and strumming while looking into me eyes, Our breaths meeting from afar. So come, walk with me, Let’s go to the forbidden land behind the hilltop, Your fingers brushing against mine, In the companionship of the rustling wind and the dew touching… Continue reading Off tune

Letter to my Younger Self

Dear 13 year old me,Life is a rollercoaster ride, they all say. But this year was a hell of a rollercoaster. This year is going to make you realise a lot of things, teach you a lot of things, make you believe in a lot of things, and find things that you believed never existed.Well,… Continue reading Letter to my Younger Self


किसी जमाने में हम भी शायर हुआ करते थे, वक्त ने किया ऐसा सितम कि कलम उठाना ही भूल गए।